Hand painted on hand cut wood sculpture.

These pieces were part of the “Drawing The Line” gallery show held at Queens College.

Droppin Bombs On Em
Droppin Bombs On Em

The Projects

Buried In Time

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Gallery

The Battle Of Saint Nick

Sculpture, Resin Figures

Gouch V.S. Ribs - Enamel Pins - Series 1

Design, Product, Print, Packaging

The Subliminal Criminals

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Gallery

Paper Chasers

Art, Drawing, Video

Bushwick Bandits

Mural, Installation

3 Cool Cats

Canvas, Gallery

100 Stickers

Design, Print, Sticker

9th Street Bombers

Art, Print, Drawing


Art, Gallery

I Am Your Shadow

Design, Print, Drawing

Droppin Bombs On Em

Art, Sculpture, Gallery